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The ambition of Heart for Hathersage is to meet the desire, expressed by our community, for a focal point to be established in the village. We aim to create an attractive village centre where people can gather in comfort and safety, daily and for special occasions. It will also be an informative place where visitors can meet and find out about Hathersage and its surroundings.

The area identified as the ‘heart’ of Hathersage is the paved area around the Parish Rooms, the current toilet/bus shelter block and the surrounding pavements at the corner of Main Road and The Crofts.

Hathersage has never had a village square, or village green, or even a duck pond to give it a central point. Residents feel the village lacks a place to gather and visitors have no identifiable place to rendezvous, wandering the shops on Main Road asking for information and directions. Those who frequent the centre of Hathersage also complain about the poor state of the public toilet facilities, and the dingy bus shelter that lies over 20 metres from the bus stop.

Heart for Hathersage hopes to address all these needs by creating a real heart for our community. State-of-the-art toilet facilities and a new bus stop will sit in a public space enhanced with trees, shrubs, seating and signage describing local heritage and present day amenities.

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Heart for Hathersage
A Community Interest Company registered in England.

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